Summer is here! With the great warm weather and kids out of school, the need to get away seems inevitable and saving smartly can seem like a daunting task. Here are a few helpful tips to save during the summer wherever you choose to travel.

5 Important Travel Tips

  1. Peak Times. July is one of the busiest travel months, making bargains a scarce commodity. Opt instead for a late-summer trip. And remember, summer includes 21 days in September — and plenty of deals.
  2. Big City Travelers. Cities across the United States and Europe offer special passes that allow you to pay a reduced fee for entrance to tourist attractions.
  3. Theme Park Goers. If opting for a theme park visit, stop at a grocery store nearest the park, and head to the soft drink aisle first, then the bread aisle and yogurt section. Look for specially marked labels that give deals on theme park tickets when you buy the product.
  4. Culturally Stimulated Adventurers. Most museums in major cities have at least one day a month when you can take in the sites for nary a penny.
  5. Road Warriors. Before hopping into the car, check and They post prices for thousands of stations, so you can find the best deal in your neighborhood, or for wherever you’re headed.

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