Questions To Ask Yourself Concerning Your Estate

Do you have a current will?

Does your Executor have the experience and time needed to administer in a few short months an estate that has taken you a lifetime to accumulate?

Can your executor devote their full time and effort to carrying out the terms of your will, to manage and protect your estate?

Is your Executor financially responsible?

Can your executor be impartial and not discriminate in favor of some beneficiaries to the detriment of others?

What would happen if your executor died before you or before they finished their job as executor?

What would happen to your business if you died?

Do you think your surviving spouse would feel comfortable investing and managing your life insurance proceeds and other assets?

How do you feel about reducing or avoiding estate taxes by including a trust in your will?

Do you feel comfortable passing your estate in one lump sum to your children?

Do you need to provide for a special needs beneficiary?

Do you have a blended family? (Second spouse; step-children, etc.)


If you have these question about your estate plan, please contact one of our estate planning professionals to discuss.